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What are the Different Types of Veterinarians?

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There are virtually countless types of veterinarians that specialize in certain types of animals, or certain types of treatment. Depending on whether you decide to work in a private clinic or for an employer, such as a university or the government, the types of veterinary work can be easier to conceptualize.

Private Clinic Veterinarians
Those working in private clinics, either alone or with partners, may specialize in large or small animals, local wildlife, farm animals, or another related group of animals. Often partners with different specialties will work as a team to provide the best service to their clients. A clinic offering services to large and small domestic animals may have a doctor that specializes in anesthesiology along with another doctor that specializes in animal surgery.

Government-Employed Veterinarians
When working for the government, you will find a broad range of types of animals and specialities that are being sought out by varying departments of the government. You may find jobs working with wildlife, or diagnosing certain diseases that particular animals may carry. There are many options available when working for the government, so be sure to check the latest listings on USAJOBS to see what is currently in need.

Private Industry Veterinarians
There are some businesses that require one or more on-site staff veterinarians to look after the well-being of animals. Zoos and wildlife parks offer a range of exotic animals that require constant attention. Marine facilities often hire veterinarians to look after aquatic animals, such as whales, dolphins, and seals. There are also programs, such as the Seeing-Eye Dog program which benefit from the knowledge of licensed veterinarians.

Veterinarians in Academia
Colleges with animal science programs are of particular appeal to veterinarians since you have the skills and formal education that are ideal for teaching and research. Many colleges run scientific studies and conduct additional research to eliminate diseases on both man and animals. This career path can be both lucrative and rewarding.

Whichever path you choose, the number of jobs for licensed veterinarians is vast and continuing to grow at a very fast rate.

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